Laurin Schaub is a ceramic artist living in Büren zum Hof, Switzerland.

«I don’t follow a particular style, rather I keep asking myself what pottery can be today. I’m always looking for new techniques and I’m often inspired by non-ceramic sectors. On the one hand I use digital tools and new technologies to develop new techniques and design languages, on the other hand I am committed to classic pottery and pure craftsmanship. This leads to projects and objects with a wide range of functions and complexities.»

Works by Laurin Schaub are represented by Nov Gallery in Geneva and Nendo Gallery in Marseille.

The works Basics and Coupé are available at the Slowgoods store and other shops in switzerland.

Some of his objects can be found in the collections of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Berner Design Stiftung, Museum Ariana Geneva and Mudac Lausanne.